About Us

Our Mission Statement We will strive to serve our customers with excellence in every aspect of their interaction with us.
We will provide our employees with a fair wage, a good working environment and endeavor to be an employer of choice.
We will be transparent is dealings with our vendors and strive to always be respected as a model customer.
We will conserve energy and paper and try to be a small part of a simple solution to the biggest problem facing the world today.


Thank you for visiting this page to know more about us. Jabal arafah is a young and vibrant organization with two core divisions focused on Distribution.

The jabal arafah Distribution Division

We run a small but very professional distribution business and our biggest strength is our understanding of principals and their needs. We completely align ourselves to the product we represent and do a sincere and good job of establishing it in our markets.

As a principal you will not be dealing with a mammoth organization, but with professional people willing to perform. We also seek out interesting products and aggressively look to represent them; this stems from our belief that the future belongs to organizations that are lean and smart, and such are the partners that we seek.

We are aggressively seeking new distribution opportunities in the Office Automation and IT Products sector. If you would like to consider marketing your products through our innovative distribution model please do contact us.

What We Offer:

We strive to be there for your business when you need us. We want you to know that you can depend on us for a speedy, efficient and courteous response for your business requirements. We are proud to say that you will find us dependable, professional and courteous in all your dealings with us.

Our main and primary objective is your satisfaction and the comfort of dependability in all your dealings with us.

Our customers know that a phone call to us is a decree for us to live up to our high expectations. No customer is too small and no order is too big, we are positioned to service everyone. On the next day we deliver to a customer who places an order for 60 Dirham's and a customer who places an order for 60000 Dirham's. All team members of jabal arafah are selected carefully and a premium is placed on individuals who take pleasure and pride in their work. You will find us very easy to deal with, and probably enjoy and have fun working with us.